Finding I AM – Week 2 | The Light of the World

I’ve come to the end of week 2 of Finding I AM. It’s been a very busy week – working Wednesday to Friday last week, going up to my parent’s place for the weekend, and working this week Monday to Wednesday! Still, even in the busyness, I’ve loved going through this book. It’s like being taken on a guided journey through the Scriptures each day. This week was about Jesus as the Light of the World.


It started with a bit of historical context, learning about the Feast of Tabernacles – it was at this feast that Jesus made this statement about himself. Each night in this festival, torches were lit to celebrate God lighting the way for the Israelites in the desert. Jesus is the perfect fulfilment of the feast of Tabernacles. Just as God appeared as a fiery pillar to guide his people through the wilderness, Jesus is the light for all who follows him. He leads us out of the darkness and wilderness of our lives.

The study got me thinking about physical light and what it does. Light:

  • banishes darkness

  • enables us to see what is there

  • gives warmth

  • causes growth

This is what Jesus does for us on a spiritual level! I was particularly struck by two points – both relating to Jesus helping us to see things for what they are.

Jesus’ light exposes our sin

The most challenging part of these studies was the reminder that we can hide in the darkness but God’s light exposes our sins. Living in the light means being honest about those areas of my life which are in darkness. Confessing them and giving them to God. This has really challenged me, not to be like the people in John’s gospel who loved hiding in the darkness, but to be confident in coming into God’s light. Not pretending or covering up my sins but specifically naming them to God. And it’s through this, that I can find freedom from my sins

I’m reminded just how important Jesus’ sacrifice is to me. I can come to God with all my sins, without hiding or downplaying anything, bringing it all into his glorious light – and receive mercy. I don’t have to fear being exposed by the light because Jesus has already dealt with the darkness of my sins. He has delivered us from darkness and brought us into his kingdom of light (Colossians 1:13-14)

Jesus’ light shows us the right path

The light of God also reveals to me what is good – the right path to travel. In 2 Corinthians 11, it says that the devil masquerades as an angel of light. Now, this is where I see how much I need God’s light and wisdom! There are things around that seem good on the surface, that feel good, that even seem godly. But looking deeper, there’s something not quite right. Things that seem harmless, maybe I could even convince myself that they’re beneficial, but again and again, they lead to darkness rather than light.

How then do I know what is true light? Looking at the Bible showed me that true light from God brings knowledge of his glory. It brings awareness of his will, of our sin and forgiveness. True light will always bring me into a deeper fellowship with God. And I know I need God’s light to even show me this right path!

Again, this study has confirmed how important it is for me to stay in close fellowship with God. Walking in his light means spending time with him. Like a solar powered torch, receiving his light enables me to shine God’s light to the people around me. Loving people and being open about my love for God. Seeing things more and more from God’s perspective. Seeing my great sin and my greater Saviour. Lord, may I not run away from your light, but always desire to come closer.

What does it mean for you that Jesus is the Light of the World? Do you hide from his light or do you embrace it? 


Light of the world






2 thoughts on “Finding I AM – Week 2 | The Light of the World

  1. I love how we both really took notice about how Jesus is the light that exposes our sin. It’s so hard to remember that he does so lovingly and that we can actually come and confess our sins – something I definitely need to work on!


  2. So often I say generic prayer of confession, but this has challenged me to get really specific. It takes my sin from being something in theory to actually being real – and in this I’ve found myself so much more thankful for his mercy.


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