If we met for tea | Vol. 4

It’s the second Monday of the month! I’m joining with Erin and the other blogging ladies for our online tea/coffee date.


If we met for tea I’d be drinking black tea again! Giving up tea for Lent did help me to rely more on God’s strength, but I’m glad to celebrate the resurrection with a strong cup of English Breakfast. It seems a little while ago now, but I’d ask how your Easter weekend was? If you went to church anywhere and if you did anything with friends or family?

If we met for tea I’d tell you about how Daniel and I have been visiting a whole lot of different churches nearby. I’m no longer serving in ministry at my church and it does feel like a time of transition. We’ve been visiting different churches, partly to gain discernment as to where we’re called to be, but also just to see how different churches do things and to celebrate the rich diversity of the Christian faith. We visited an Anglican church that’s just started up, which I thought was absolutely wonderful. Last week we visited Inspire, a Pentecostal church fairly similar to Hillsong. The worship there was very powerful. Just yesterday, we visited a friend’s church and we heard such a strong, Biblical sermon. Not sure where we’ll go next, but there are a few others on our list.

If we met for tea I’d be so excited to be connecting with another person, and I’d want to get right into the deep stuff. How are things really going for you? How is your walk with the Lord?

It feels like in the last few weeks I’ve met with quite a few of my friends, and I’ve got some more plans coming up. And with each of these friends, I’ve been able to have deep conversations about life and faith, to share with each other what’s really going on. Of course, there’s been lots of laughter and silly conversations too, but it’s so important to have a balance.

If we met for tea I’d tell you about this Bible study book that I’ve just started. It’s called Finding I Am by Lysa Terkeust and I’m so excited to read through it over the next few weeks. The idea to have an online Bible study came from Ashley at Set My Heart on You. I’ve never been in an online Bible study before so it will be interesting to see how it all works. Even just reading through the first study, I think it’s going to meet me right where I am, in that desire I’ve been feeling to draw closer to God.

If we met for tea I’d ask you how you’re finding the transition in the weather. I live in Australia  but most of my blogging friends are American. In one way that means our weather is opposite. But, Sydney summers are extreme, our winters are mild and I much much prefer winter. So, when my Northern Hemisphere friends are complaining about January, or looking forward to June, or enjoying the lovely May weather – I’m right there with you! Let’s rejoice together in the changing of the seasons!

What’s been happening with you? What would you say if we met for tea?


4 thoughts on “If we met for tea | Vol. 4

  1. If we met for tea…. I’d chat about how I can create deep, rich community. We’ve been in our current church just over 5 years and I’m still feeling like the outsider. I miss deep connection with people who have a shared history. Five years on I still don’t really have people with whom to build that history. How do you find the friends that your heart just connects with?

    And surviving the parenting of baby adults who want to be grownup adults. I’m in the weary phase of parenting!!!! And surviving a less-than-diligent Year 11 student. Oh boy, am I weary!

    If only we weren’t a whole state apart….we could have a real cup of tea and chat beyond the “how was your week?” “Fine, thanks”!


    1. I feel you in regards to creating deep connections. I’ve been at my church 15 years, and still it seems hard to develop deep connections (or whenever I do create deep connections, those people move away). I think it takes a lot of work and a lot of prayer!


  2. Bella, I totally understand how it feels to transition from a church you’ve been serving in. My husband and I served in our church for six years, the last year and a half of which was actually spent being employed by the church. In the end, it wasn’t a good fit, and some things happened behind the scenes that we just couldn’t get on board with. We ended up leaving, and it has been HARD to figure out where we fit in a new church home. Since we both grew up in church and have served for so long, it feels so strange to be on the other side of that, having people greet us and hold doors open for us and serve us coffee. I know we need to start serving, and my heart wants to, but I think we’re both a little bit jaded by how things went down at our old church. I LOVE your perspective on being able to celebrate the diversity of the church. It is such a brave outlook to have.

    Grateful to sit with you for tea this week! ❤


    1. It feels like such a huge step visiting other churches and being the new ones, especially after being Bible study leader/Sunday school teacher and a number of other things over the years. But it is definitely time. I think it’s wise to have a time where you can just receive and let people minister to you, rather than jumping straight into ministry at a new church. Hope you are enjoying things in your new church 🙂


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