Our big fat Greek cuisine night

For this next cuisine night, we had two really strong contenders: Mexican and Greek. In the end, it came down to a coin toss. Now, as Queen Elizabeth has a Greek husband, it seemed fitting that heads would be for Greek, and tails Mexican. The coin ended up on heads, so a Greek cuisine night it was!


I think this ended up being one of our best cuisine nights ever. Such wonderful flavours, and everything we cooked was delicious. And, of course, the dancing in between meals was incredibly fun!








This was one of my first times working with filo pastry, and I’ve heard that it’s notoriously fiddly. But, even though the filo didn’t go on perfectly it seemed to turn out alright in the end. There was a bit leftover that tasted really good for breakfast the next day!



Roast lamb shanks with Greek salad and tzatziki




Oh my goodness, these lamb shanks were beautiful! The aromas of roasted garlic and rosemary infused in, contrasting with the freshness of the salad and tzatziki. The lamb was tender but could have been cooked just a little longer to make it even better.







I commented midway through the cuisine night that it was all pretty healthy. I took back my words while making these biscuits! Orange and spice biscuits soaked in a honey syrup. Definitely not low sugar but so delicious.


Greek seems to be one of the more well-known cuisines, but I myself hadn’t cooked it much before. This cuisine night, with all its rich aromas and flavours, certainly did not disappoint!




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