If we met for tea | Vol. 3

On the second Monday of each month, I meet with Erin and some other blogging ladies for a virtual tea/coffee date. If we were meeting for tea or coffee, what would you say?





If we met for tea I’d marvel at how quickly time seems to be passing. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing for our last tea date. The fresh glow of the new year has long since faded and we’re heading rapidly towards mid-year.


If we met for tea I’d ask you about Lent. Did you set out to do something for Lent? If so, have you been able to keep to it? Has everything gone to plan or have there been distractions along the way? What has God been teaching you about himself through this time?

I set out to give up sugar for Lent, but about two weeks in I felt led to give up black tea instead. So for this tea date, I would be drinking chamomile! In one way this is easier, because it’s more tangibly defined. In another way, it’s actually more difficult han giving up sugar (just look at the name of this blog!), but I think that’s rather the point. I’ve been tired throughout the day forgoing my morning cuppa and afternoon pick-me-up, but it’s been a sweet tiredness where I can really press into God and rest in his grace. And I think that’s what God’s been teaching me in this time. I started the season of Lent with all my good intentions, but he’s reminded me that it’s not about me or the things I can do for him. It’s about his love and his grace. It’s about doing less and knowing that he is enough.


If we met for tea, I’d ask you about your plans for Easter. This is my first Easter as a married woman (as an Easterbrook!) and we’ll be visiting Daniel’s parents for lunch. I’m really looking to celebrating with good food, lots of chocolate, and of course cups of delicious, robust black tea! I don’t think this kind of celebration takes away from the spiritual significance of the day. In fact, I think it highlights the joy. Jesus is risen and he has conquered sin and death. What better reason for exuberant, holy celebration!


If we met for tea, I’d excitedly tell you about the weather. We’ve hit April and the weather is starting to get cooler. Lots of mild sunshine and clean, crisp air. Winter is on it’s way, and where I live it never lasts for long enough. So, when I feel the cool weather coming, it’s as if all is right with the world.


If we met for tea, I’d tell you that my husband and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It’s been one year and I am so happy to be married to him. We went away for the weekend to the same hotel we spent the night of the wedding. Last year we had to be up at around 5am to make an early flight, but this time we were able to wake up slowly and have a nice leisurely morning. When we got home, we changed into our wedding clothes and looked through the boxes of our souvenirs – invitations, notes from our wedding planning days and all the cards we received. And while we were still in our wedding finery, we read out to each other the vows we made on our wedding day, renewing the commitment and the love we shared on that day. I hope to do this every anniversary, as a reminder of those precious vows we made. And as long as my wedding dress still fits, I’m wearing that too!


wedding anniversary


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