Our Zimbabwean cuisine night

When my husband and I do our cuisine nights, we like to explore a range of cultures. We’re trying to keep it fairly balanced between the different continents. Last time, we tried an Asian cuisine and the continent we were up to this time was Africa. The thing is, African cuisine has never really taken off in the mainstream Australian food culture. There’s a multitude of Asian, European and Middle Eastern restaurants, but precious few African ones. I even have a recipe book with each chapter focusing on a different country’s cuisine. But there’s only one chapter for ‘Africa’. As if that vast continent had only one type of cuisine.

So, we were determined to explore African cuisines, and to learn the differences found throughout the continent. I know a few Zimbabwean people, so I thought that might be a good country to start with. It wasn’t easy finding recipes online, but we did find them eventually – and the food was good!




Roast butternut pumpkin with corn and peanut butter


An unusual but very simple cooking method. Who knew that pumpkin and peanut butter work so well together?


Spicy chicken stew with sadza


This dish was packed with flavour! Lots of garlic, ginger, chilli, tomato and pepper. Warming and spicy without being blow-your-head-off hot. And the sadza tasted like nothing by itself but was perfect for soaking up the flavours of the stew.


Cornmeal cake


Okay, this one I’ll admit didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to. But, I need to show the whole cuisine night, not just the parts that work out. I’m not sure we used the right cornmeal – it was meant to have the consistency of a cake, but ended up more as a baked custard. It tasted quite good, actually, but I don’t think it counts as authentic Zimbabwean food!

There you have it, our imperfect foray into the culinary world of Zimbabwe. I’m very happy to have discovered a new, delicious cuisine!



4 thoughts on “Our Zimbabwean cuisine night

  1. To be honest I probably wouldn’t eat any of these meals because they’re not my taste, but I love the idea of cuisine nights! I wonder if I could convince my partner to give this a go, it’d be a great way to try new dishes out of our normal boring meals. #teamIBOT


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