My 3 aims for housekeeping (and how they keep me motivated)

When it comes to housekeeping, I can be pretty inconsistent. Some days I go above and beyond, impressing myself with my domestic princess abilities. Other days, I barely do the minimum.


clean home


I do like having a tidy house. I’m so much more relaxed and productive when I can look around and see clear, tidy space. But, I’ll be honest, I’m probably never going to have a spotless home. Some people seem to manage it, but I’m rarely one of them. I’ve developed three aims for housekeeping that help me stay focused and motivated. These are the reason why I clean. Some days I get more done than others, but these three things are what I’m always aiming for.

1. Keep it hygienic

A bit of mess isn’t going to hurt anyone, but there’s a point where it gets so bad it starts becoming a health hazard. I’ve had those days where I finally decide to do something about the dust problem, and I’m left reaching for my Ventolin puffer. So, it’s important for me to keep things hygienic. That involves doing a few simple things:

  • making sure food isn’t left out overnight on the kitchen bench or dining room

  • sweeping and wiping down surfaces regularly (dust can be a nightmare for my health!)




2. Keep it organised

Have you ever owned a floor-drobe? That big pile of clothes lying your bedroom floor, just waiting for you to rummage through. I’ve owned one from time to time. The problem is, if I need to find something in there, it’s very time-consuming and stressful. The same goes for piles of papers – bills, lists, old newsletters and the like. Life generally flows better if I don’t need to mount a one-woman search party every time I need to find something!



3. Keep it welcoming

This is one area where keeping an immaculate home may actually be a disadvantage. I don’t know about you, but if everything’s perfectly spotless and in place, I feel paranoid about touching anything! I want people to know our home is lived in. Still, I like to create a clean, peaceful environment for my guests. Not just my guests, either. Our home is meant to be a welcoming haven of rest for when my husband and I get home from work. This might involve:

  • using simple, inviting décor such as cushions and throw-rugs

  • colour schemes! I like to use lots of cool colours and white and summer, and switch over to deeper, warmer colours in winter.

  • generally keeping up with being hygienic and organised



For me, these three aims help me show grace to myself – I don’t have to have a spotless house just for the sake of it. I don’t have to compare myself to anyone else. When it comes to keeping my home, I know the three things that are important to me – and that’s what keeps me going day after day.

Do you have any aims or principles that help you in tending your home?






6 thoughts on “My 3 aims for housekeeping (and how they keep me motivated)

  1. My struggle is piles of books and papers I need to get to. It helps so much when my creative space isn’t so cluttered. Love your couches! These are great tips, and doable. Thanks for linking up with #FindingJoy this week.


    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement (they aren’t my couches, by the way – mine have been used as a cat scratching post one too many times)! I agree, books and papers are a hard one to keep on top of, but it feels so much better when they’re done.


  2. I struggle with this too! It’s easier for me to keep it organized, but the dusting is my nemesis.
    I find if someone calls me on the phone, I will start dusting while talking to them. I guess I just have to make more phone calls in order to get my house cleaner…ha ha


  3. Love these tips! I also am either a hit or miss when it comes to housekeeping. Either my house looks like a train ran through it or it’s pretty spotless. I am getting better at keeping up with it but sometimes it just gets crazy haha.


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