Guest post: Why we want to grow our own food & live whole lives

I’m very pleased to introduce to you my guest blogger – Katherine from Newsom Natural Living. Katherine and her family have bought a property with the intention of starting their own farm! Today, Katherine shares the reasons why she’s embarking on such a big adventure.

If you like what you read, please check out Newsom Natural Living for more reflections on family, faith and farm-life.





It may sounds crazy to you, but we bought our property without even seeing it in person first. We found it online, had our parents check it out in person, and jumped on it. We just knew it was going to become our family farm one day, and we had to get our land before someone else did. So we did. This may also sound a little wild, but we didn’t even know when we were going to move onto our land. We just knew we had to have it…

This was back in 2014 we bought our property, and early 2015, we finally saw it in person. We were living out of state at the time, but knew when the time was right… we’d be moving to our land. And come summer 2015, that’s just what we did. We moved about 25 miles away from our land, since it was just land—not a house—and we were about to have a newborn, which we weren’t going to bring home our child to a tent. Now we are clear into 2017, and we are finally living on our property. It took some sweet time, and things are still getting sorted out, but we are here. That’s 3 years in the making, y’all!

(Okay, to give you a geographical picture: We were living in California when we bought the property, then we moved to Texas-near Dallas-that summer 2015, moved 25 miles from our property-rather than hours away-before our son was born that same fall, and moved onto our property at the new year of 2017)

Why be persistent on something when you don’t even know how long it will take?! Because, well, we want to. This is where we are called to be. Three years after we started this journey, we are on our land with the goal of starting a natural produce farm for those local to us in east Texas. And this will take some sweet time— we have some “grown-up things” to get through before we can really get things going— but we are starting small this summer. We are persistent, you can say. And, my husband, Marshall, studied horticulture in college…


We want to grow our own food, and grow food for our community. We want to share that it’s easier than you may think, if you’re willing to put in the hard work. We (as in, my husband) even finished one of the first steps in this journey – mowing the few acre pasture beside our house we are going to start farming on. It’s a 46 acre property, there is a lot more untouched at the moment, but we want to keep this first summer season close in eyesight. Plus, there’s a water source ready. Beside the point…

There is so much value in learning where your food comes from, and even more when you begin to grow it yourself. Cornstalks as tall as you are and squash leaves as big as your head both begin to teach you something. Life is really fairly simple. I mean, we all need sustenance to live, don’t we? We need to feed our bodies well in order to live well. By eating whole foods with a serious window of fresh, rather than processed boxes which can sit on grocery shelves for years on end, we are nourishing our bodies the way they were designed to be fed. And yes, I say designed. God designed us to eat well over conversation in good company, not eat boxed mac ‘n cheese with neon yellow powder sauce in front of TV trays. God designed us to need to eat three whole meals a day, with healthy snacks in between, and sleep for a good 8+ hours a night. Y’all, we are sleeping for over a third of our lifespan. Rest is important. Food is important. Conversation and community is important. And all of these lead to us living whole lives.

Simply put: We want to grow our own food, share our bounty and way of life with the local community, and in the process… Live whole, and live simply. Even if you can’t have a garden plot or live in a concrete jungle, this is much easier to do than you think. Living a whole, simple, natural life just takes a bit of intentional thought and much more determination. Here are a few simple ways you can start in your own life + community:

  • Start a mini herb garden in your kitchen window counter, and use the fresh herbs in your meals
  • Look at the ingredients on the labels on your food. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t get it.
  • Start making your own of what you can. Bread, jellies, pasta sauces, facial scrubs, cleaning supplies… Everything we buy in the store starts somewhere. Search for recipes for something you use every day and see if you can make it yourself.
  • Search online for local farmer’s markets and go! Ask questions, learn what you can, buy local, and support your local farms. If you ask, farmers may be more than willing to show you what they really do.


Now I’m wondering… What are some ways you think you can live a whole life (whether you source your own food or not) in your little corner of the world?


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