A letter to my sister-in-law on her 30th birthday

My husband’s sister tragically passed away in a car accident in September 2008. Today is her 30th birthday. I never met her, but today I am writing her a letter.


Dear Simone,

We never met in person, but I’ve rather fallen in love with your brother and we got married last year. Were you watching the wedding from heaven? Today would be your 30th birthday, but I suppose time and aging work differently when you have resurrection life.

It’s been more than eight years since you were taken from this world to your eternal home. I never met you, but can I say that I still miss you? You would have been around the same age as me, and it seems as if we had a lot of common interests. I’ve heard about your passionate nature and your love for Jesus. I’m sure we would have been very good friends.

If I miss you – I who have never met you – what must it be like for those who did know you? For your family. I can only imagine the depths of sorrow and love that must still rise up when they think of you. For me, it might be easy to to pretend that you were never there, that the family isn’t missing someone. But no, I will not do that. I am part of this family now, and that involves sharing in their loss. Your memory is precious, and even if it causes pain, I will remember you.

I look at photos of you and wonder what you’d be doing now if you were still on this earth. Would you be married? Would you have kids? I wonder what you are doing now. That’s even harder to imagine. What’s it like for you living in everlasting glory, face to face with your Creator and Saviour? You may not be with us now, but I have assured hope that I will meet you one day. Jesus has won resurrection life for all who believe in him, and the grave is not the final word. When we meet in heaven, we will join together to worship our Lord, along with all the others who have gone before us. And we will have that forever.

Your sister-in-law and sister-in-Christ,



6 thoughts on “A letter to my sister-in-law on her 30th birthday

  1. Bella, i am speechless. What a beautiful and heart felt letter, you made me cry. Thank you for sharing such a personal message of the heart.
    Would you mind if i shared it? i won’t do so, till i hear back from you.
    Thank you,
    Your Mum in law xo


  2. As a friend of Simone’s, thank you for helping her family to grieve and remember. Not an easy thing to do, but a gracious one.


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