If we met for tea | Vol.2

Today I’m joining in with Erin and the ladies for our virtual tea/coffee date. We connect on the second Monday of the month.


if we met for tea


If we met for tea I’d be so excited to tell you how much things have changed since we last met. I wrote last time about how my husband and I were struggling to find work. Well, about two weeks ago, my husband was offered a full time job! He’s taking over for the head librarian while she’s on maternity leave, for the rest of the year! I’m so completely amazed with God’s provision and his faithfulness. And I’ve been getting quite a few teaching days too! (I’m going to post a more in-depth retelling of the whole story later in the week)

If we met for tea I’d tell you about this crazy weather we’ve been having recently. We had one weekend where it was consistently above 40 degrees (104 in Fahrenheit) and peaked at around 47 (116!). As a winterphile, that was absolutely horrible. Now, not too long after that, we’ve had days of solid, torrential rain! Much better in my opinion, but my poor schoolkids have been getting cabin fever with all this wet-weather play. We did have a day of lovely, mild sunshine a few days ago – so I know they do still exist!

If we met for tea I’d ask you to keep an eye on my mental health. I’ve struggled with anxiety in the past, and recently I’ve noticed it creeping in. It’s not full-blown mental illness now, but I’ve got to be careful. To use an analogy from physical health, it’s like when you feel a cold coming on – if I take care of myself now, it’s easily managed. But if I push myself and let it go unchecked, it might turn into something worse. So, I’m really focusing on lots of time spent with God and with my husband. Things seem quite good today, I hope it stays that way.

If we met for tea I’d let you know about the She Reads Truth Lent devotional I’ve been reading through. Beautifully written, as they always are, and a wonderful way to reflect on my deep need for a Saviour and on the mysteries of the cross. On that note, I wouldn’t be having any sweets with my tea this month – as I have given up sugar for Lent!

If we met for tea I’d find out if everything was going okay with you. So much has been happening in my life recently, but I don’t want it to all be about me. What have you been struggling with recently? What joys have you found? What has God been doing in your life? It’s a privilege to really connect with someone, to be able to encourage them and be encouraged in turn.

If we met for tea I’d definitely order an Earl Grey. I simply adore it at the moment! Delicate and fragrant but with the robustness of black tea. If there’s French Earl Grey, even better!

If we met for tea, what would you share with me?





6 thoughts on “If we met for tea | Vol.2

  1. Oooh, I love earl grey! Can I tell you I’ve felt my anxiety creeping up as well? I’ve noticed a pattern that has a lot to do with the weather so I wonder if you’re experiencing something similar? Something to keep an eye on, mostly so you know when to give yourself a little more grace 🙂 Congrats on your husband’s new job!


    1. Lovely to hear from you, Kate! Always nice to connect with other blogging ladies!

      I think for me, my anxiety is triggered by work. It can be a bit uncertain at the moment, and I just feel like a rest. I hope you take care of yourself and show yourself grace too.


  2. Hi Bella. I got your note about your location-awesome!!
    I get the mental health, not because it is my profession, but because I struggle with an eating disorder and can feel it creeping back in. So I got myself into group therapy, counseling, and a healthy eating class. Its miserable otherwise and I can feel your pain.
    My anxiety creeps in weekly on Wednedays. I know the trigger but it is a mandatory meeting, bleh. Good luck to you, and a little prayer or two, from Montana.


    1. Brittany, sorry to hear that your eating disorder’s creeping back in, but good to hear that you are getting help.

      It’s hard when the trigger is something you can’t really get out of. I suppose work falls into that category as well, so I’m just trying to care for myself the best I can. Thanks for your prayers. Praying for you too!


  3. Hi Bella! So excited to see you joining in on our coffee dates!! Celebrating with you still about the answered prayer for your husband’s job! I’m also praying for you to have peace and for God to help you trust in His goodness so that the anxiety will subside. I know all too well how it feels when it starts to creep back in. It’s great that you know how to take care of yourself so that it doesn’t get worse though. OH and I also love the She Reads Truth devotionals and you have inspired me to check those out again soon. So glad to be having tea with you! 🙂


  4. Hi Ashley, I’m excited to be joining in with you ladies too!

    Thanks for your prayers. It’s amazing how many people struggle with anxiety, but still it’s something we rarely are open about. Taking care of myself can be hard and takes some courage at times – I have a day off from work tomorrow so I’m planning a time of rest and recovery.

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