Singing a new song: A devotional on Psalm 96


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In my life outside of the blogging world, I’m a special education teacher. I remember a little boy I taught once who had a favourite song. ‘We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one’. Do you know the song? Every time we were listening to music and it was his turn to choose, it would always be that one. His eyes would light up and he’d start singing and dancing. Every single time. The song never changed, it was still just the same recording. But each time he heard it, it’s like it was new to him, it was fresh.

I think that’s something we lose as we grow older – things become commonplace too quickly. Sometimes, we can even be like that with God. Maybe you’ve been a Christian for many years and the things you hear about God are losing their impact. But Psalm 96 calls us to sing a new song to the Lord. He’s the same God that he always was, indeed he never changes. So to sing that new song, we need to discover afresh those steadfast, everlasting truths.

God is worthy of all praise. This psalm says that splendour and majesty are before him, strength and glory are in his sanctuary. Can we even begin to understand all that means? Just image you were there standing before God seated on his throne. He would be completely surrounded by splendour, majesty, strength and glory – they would just be radiating out from him, setting him far above all others. It’s hard to even explain. Spend a little time now thinking about all that God is – how holy, how glorious, how infinite. And now think about how you compare – how limited, how frail, how sinful. I don’t know about you, but it always makes me feel humbled, overwhelmed and utterly thankful for his grace.

He’s not a commonplace God, he could never be that. He is the creator of heaven and earth. He is our Saviour and our Deliverer. He is the one coming to judge the living and the dead. And the beautiful thing is, it’s not only humans who praise him. The heavens, the earth, the sea and the fields all rejoice in the Lord. Let us join in with all of creation and sing a new song – with a renewed passion and reverence for our amazing God.

In what ways has God become commonplace to you?

What truth about God can you discover afresh today?


2 thoughts on “Singing a new song: A devotional on Psalm 96

  1. Thanks for the encouragement Ashley! I find it’s so easy to get complacent with God if we’re not intentionally reminding ourselves of him. Praying that you can discover his wonders and mercies afresh.


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