Sheltered under his wings – A devotional on Psalm 91

This is the first in a series of weekly devotionals based on Psalms. It’s  my hope that this blog can not only give ideas and advice for life, but can be grounded in words of truth straight from the Bible. I started going through Psalms last year with a Bible study group, and I thought why not add it to my blog too? So, that’s why we’re not starting at Psalm 1! The final psalms, I find, are full of so much joy and thanksgiving. I hope you join me on our week by week journey through the Psalms.


Have you ever had a bird make a nest right where you are? A few years ago, a pair of pigeons (we called them Lucy and Fred) set up home in an unused pot plant on our balcony. I noticed the number of twigs and leaves gradually increasing and soon I saw in the nest two little eggs. The lives within these eggs grew under their mother’s warmth, until we came home one day and found not two eggs but two tiny pigeon babies.

Now these babies were hatched, they needed food. Lucy left the nest occasionally, leaving her little ones while she found food for them. But she always came back. Her babies still needed her, and she still spent most of her time sitting on the nest, sheltering them under the protection of her wings.

Psalm 91 speaks of God in a similar way. For those who trust in him, he offers protection. It actually says that God will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge. This is such a tender image of our God! We often think of God’s protection in terms of his power. He is our shield and our reward. He is the great Lion of Judah. But here we have God sheltering us with his very self, like a mama bird sheltering her babies. He loves us deeply. He loves us tenderly.

The psalm goes on to talk about the dangers we might face in life – disease, famine, battle, people plotting against us, even wild animals. There’s no promise that we won’t have to deal with those things. The bad times do come. But what’s promised is that we don’t have to be afraid. Through the loss of job, through the grief, through the sickness, through the struggle – God is with us. God is there with all-reaching, all-knowing wings, ready to enfold us in the warmth of his love.

What dangers are you facing at the moment?

What does it mean for you to be sheltered under God’s wings?



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