Our Vietnamese cuisine night

One of the best things about living in such a diverse world is the rich variety of food. Every culture has their own specialty dishes, their own traditions and ways of eating. When we were dating, and we discovered we both loved cooking, my husband and I decided to explore the different cuisines of the world. So, the cuisine night was born!

What goes into a cuisine night?

  • We cook three courses – entree, main and dessert – based on a particular cultural cuisine.
  • Before the day, we research the cuisine and look up recipes.
  • We play music from that culture while we cook, to set the mood.
  • It usually involves a bit of dancing to the music in between meals

We usually get to do these cuisine nights about once a month. For me, these are my favourite date nights with my husband. They seem like something that is distinctly ours and we’ve been doing them since very early on in our relationship. The meals don’t always turn out perfectly, but we always have a lot of fun!



Yesterday we had our next cuisine night, and the culture of the night was Vietnamese. So many fresh herbs, so much flavour, so delicious! Here are some pictures of the finished products.


Entree: Rice paper rolls with fresh herbs and prawns. We also made a chilli dipping sauce.


Main: Lemongrass pork with a fresh herb and peanut salad.


Dessert: Vietnamese flan, which tasted rather like creme caramel.

Yum! Praise God for the richness of diversity in the world and the beautiful cultures (and food) that come from it!

Have you tried doing something similar? What cuisines should my husband and I try next?



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