Favourite Finds – February 2017

The internet is an interesting place. On one hand, there’s so much potential for distraction, it’s so easy to spend hours looking up completely useless things. But on the other hand, there is a wealth of treasure available if we look in the right places. Here’s some of the treasure that I found this month.




Thirty Seconds Alone with God – Tony Reinke

Looking at the general trend in society to multi-task and to skim-read. I must say, I made an intentional effort to read the whole article, slowly, and it was hard! Like no other time, we’re offered so much reading and viewing content, more than we could possibly take in. We have devices now that can fill in every little waiting second of the day. What if, in those times of waiting, I went to prayer instead of my phone?

9 Themed Date Nights – Unveiled Wife

This is a really fun idea! 9 ideas for date nights that each reflect a different fruit of the Spirit. Patience involves staying up waiting for the sun to rise. Joy involves watching a funny movie together. Gentleness involves giving each other massages. We haven’t tried any of these ideas yet, but I hope to soon.

We are Women – Bronwen Speedie

Okay, this is one of those posts that makes me proud to be a woman. Written in poetic style, it traces through a long line of Biblical women and relates their example to living today as women of God. The men of the Bible are great examples of faith, we can learn a lot from their strengths and failures – but lets not forget the women.

When I became a mother, feminism let me down – Samantha Johnson

Keeping on the theme of ‘women’s issues’, the article explores the complex issue of a woman’s role in society. We’re often taught now that women can achieve great things in any field they choose – and rightly so – but the flipside of that is devaluing ‘traditional’ female roles. Being a stay at home mum is just as meaningful and valid as having an external career.

Singing is the language of joy – Ajith Fernando

Ajith Fernando is a Sri Lankan pastor. His writings and teachings just bubble over with joy. He reminds me in this article of the great joy that comes from singing to God. Singing great truths about God and lifting up our voices to worship him – it lifts our eyes off our current problem and it really does lead us into deeper joy.

What treasures have you found, online or elsewhere, over the last month?



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