What I learned from being an unexpected housewife

I didn’t expect to be a full-time housewife. It just sort of happened. This year has been a really slow year for casual teaching, so for the first few weeks of term I’ve had no work. So, without anything else to do, I took on the role of housewifey. It’s been great and it’s been hard all at the same time, and I’ve learned a lot.



There’s no shame in being a housewife – I don’t think that women have to be full-time housewives. Each of us are called to different things, and some women are called to stay at home. Just because it’s old fashioned, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. For me, it’s not a life-long, full-time call – it’s just where I’ve been placed at the moment. And that brings me to the next point.


Embrace where God has you for the moment – At times I get discouraged that I’m not getting work. But the reality is, I’m not getting work right now. I pray I will soon, and I’ve applied at a few places, but for the moment I’m at home. So I might as well embrace it! I might as well be the best housewife I can be – although I’m definitely not perfect.




There are some really hard things about this – Even though I’ve been at home most days, I find myself getting very tired. It’s very tempting to stay in my pyjamas and watch YouTube all day – great for a day off, not so great as a regular thing. Sometimes it feels like my day’s work has no meaning. It’s hard sometimes to embrace this new stage of life.


There are some really good things about this – It might not be what I expected, but I’ve been trying to see the positives. The house is really clean, cause I actually have time to devote to that. I have time to plan and cook healthy, delicious meals. I get to take things slow and do things at my own pace (I don’t have kids yet!). And you might be different, but I kind of like the old fashioned feeling of playing housewife – most of the time anyway. If I could get a balance of a few days working and a few days at home, that would be lovely.




Are you in an unexpected situation? Something you didn’t quite see coming. It may be really hard at times, but there may be some unexpectedly good things too. Even while praying for better things to come, I encourage you to embrace where God has you for the moment.


Unexpected housewife (3)







8 thoughts on “What I learned from being an unexpected housewife

  1. You know, I took a moment last year to just do me. I got tired of a boss putting me down so I started school. Then one day I was fed up. I walked off my job and it was the best decision ever. I didn’t have a plan-just sticking with school. Two months into my “freedom” and school (and a SUPER clean house- I feel you) I got a call from my current place of employment. I have been encouraged like never before by people I enjoy. They lift me up rather than put me down. I have never had that and it is amazing. I believe God always has a hand in it and even if its “our time” it may not be His time- I am pretty impatient but his time turned out to be the perfect time for me.
    Good luck to you!


  2. Your post reminds me of Joseph’s great attitude while he was in Egypt. His “bloom where you are planted” mentality has always inspired me. Making the most of our current season, whether we have chosen it or not necessarily, is a wise choice that brings much joy. I have been a full time homemaker and full time employee in different seasons and both bring rewards of their own. Blessings!


  3. I do hope you’re not turning on the tube! When I was not yet a mother, I became involved in Bible study and then hosted some neighborhood Bible study coffees in our home. In addition, I had a small prayer group and started a “gourmet club” where four of us couples met monthly — one of us would prepare a gourmet feast. I took bridge lessons and met other young childless women. Good memories.


    1. Those are some good ideas, Kathleen. I’m still working out how I can be most productive in this season of life. And yes, resisting the temptation to watch too much tv or youtube is hard but it’s so important!


  4. I’m not really in a unexpected situation, rather I’m in the situation that I have dreamed of since a little girl. My hubby and I were actually just talking about this the other day. I have my boys, my little house, and my birth work. I feel I am right where God wants me for now, but it is still tiring and trying. There are still things that God has to teach me in this time.


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