If we met over the teacups

I found this idea through Ashley from Set My Heart On You.  Since the whole name of my blog is about connecting ‘over the teacups’, it seems like the perfect thing for me to do.

If we met over the teacups, I’d invite you over to my place for tea, as I can’t afford to go to cafes at the moment. Thankfully, I have quite the selection of tea at my place, and even some coffee if you so choose.

If we met over the teacups, we’d share some cakes and pastries and I’d tell you that this counts as my 20%. I’ve recently discovered the 80/20 diet and it just puts a name to something I’ve been trying to practice for a while anyway. I try to eat healthy through the week so I can indulge worry-free on the odd occasion, and meeting for tea/coffee with a friend definitely counts!



If we met over the teacups, I’d ask you to pray for my husband and I. Both of us have been looking for work and we need God’s power in the situation at the moment. I’d share things with you that I don’t yet want to post on this blog. I’d also ask you if there’s anything I could pray for you.

If we met over the teacups, I’d probably end up talking too much about my cat. I can only imagine what I’m going to be like when I eventually have kids, because I talk a lot about Henry, and he’s just a cat. Not just a cat, though. He’s my cat. I do love him.

If we met over the teacups, I’d share with you what I’ve been learning from the book of Genesis. Seeing God’s hand in the story of Joseph, even when it looked like things were at their darkest, has been such an encouragement to keep trusting in God. One day I know I’ll look back at these days and see God’s hands everywhere. We don’t have to be angry or bitter towards people because even their worst actions can be used for God’s good. I’d ask you what you where reading in the Bible and if God had been teaching you anything from that.

If we met over the teacups, Id ask what your favourite thing about blogging is. I’ve only been blogging since December so it’s still very new. I’m loving it, and in this time where I’m unexpectedly with less work than I thought, it gives me something meaningful to do.

If we met over the teacups, we’d stay for hours. Sometimes I’d be happy to talk but sometimes I’d be happy just to listen.

What would you say?





4 thoughts on “If we met over the teacups

  1. I will certainly be praying for you and your husband as you navigate this situation together. I totally understand how this can be the most beautiful but also the most frustrating time, as you’re starting to figure things out.

    Also, I LOVE Genesis. I read through a plan last year, and just finished it again for my Bible in a Year plan for 2017. Right now, I’m in Exodus and Matthew. SO good!

    Hoping this will be the first of many coffee/tea dates with you, my friend!


    1. Thanks Erin, I look forward to joining in again next time! Thanks for your prayers, I’ll be keeping your situation in prayer as well.

      Genesis is such a good book of the Bible! I’ve just finished reading it, and now I’ve gone onto Colossians.


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