Favourite finds – 27th January 2017

Along with Pinterest, Feedly is one of my favourite websites to check daily. Every day, a collection of new articles from my favourite blogs are presented to me for my reading pleasure. The plan is that each month I’ll share with you a few of the articles I found most helpful, challenging or interesting.



art of womanliness.jpg

The art of womanliness – Bonnie McKernan

Tackling the sometimes controversial topic of what it means to be a woman from a Christian perspective. She avoids stereotypes or cultural expecations to focus on this one thing – reflecting the beauty of God in this very moment.

Why do we give up on Bible reading? – Bryce Youngmedium_your-bible-reading-is-never-worthless-mekmgmwb.jpg

A helpful thing to read at the beginning of the year, when my resolve to read the Bible regularly is still fresh. Sometimes this resolve can run dry, particularly when I’m busy or when the part of the Bible I’m up to is challenging. The secret for renewed Bible reading is delighting in God’s word. The motivation for life is ‘not what you know, but what you love’.

Inherited faith is dying, chosen faith is not – Tim Kellerchosen faith is not.jpg

A very encouraging article that provides some balance to the claims that Christianity is a dying religion. While the number of people who identify nominally as Christian may be decreasing, and while people raised in the church might turn away – people are still coming to genuine faith in Jesus, often in surprising places and ways.

Why Sabbath rest still matters – Katie Bennetwhy-sabbath-rest-still-matters.jpg

We live by grace not by law, and we’re no longer bound to keep the Sabbath exactly as its prescribed in the Old Testament. But this article gives me a reassuring reminder that the principle of Sabbath rest is still important. We’re so busy in our society as a whole, and God really did build us with an innate need for rest.

Jesus, our mad lover – Beth Davisblessed is she.jpg

This one I’m not recommending just for the article itself (although it is good). I’m making note of the website it comes from – Blessed is She. This is a Catholic site, probably the best way to describe it is a Catholic version of She Reads Truth. But, it’s centred on the Bible and on Jesus and on grace. The women writing for this site demonstrate genuine living faith. I don’t agree with every single thing written, but I find their daily reflections very encouraging and beautiful.

I hope you find these articles helpful!



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