8 ideas for fruit infused water

I don’t like summer. The hot weather makes me exhausted and irritable. One lovely thing I’ve discovered for summer, though, is fruit infused water. So easy to make, so healthy and very refreshing. You just slice up some fruit or some herbs, add it to a pitcher of water and put it in the fridge while the flavours infuse. You then end up with a beautifully cold drink with a fruity taste ranging from subtle to bold depending on how long you let it infuse. I’ve been having fun experimenting with different flavour combinations. Here are a few of my favourites.

Strawberry, cucumber and mint

strawberry cucumber.png


Lavender and coconut

You could use dried coconut for this one or you could use coconut. The lavender I used comes from the T2 lavender tea, it’s basically just dried lavender petals. Don’t put too many in or it could be overpowering.

lavender coconut.png

Spiced apple

spiced apple.png

Watermelon and rosemary

I wasn’t sure about this flavour combination but it surprisingly works! watermelon rosemary.png

Blueberry and lemon

Inspired by the flavours of a cheesecake, but much healthier. If you’re using lemon with rind on, don’t leave it in too long or the water can go bitter.blueberry lemon.png

Honeydew and cucumber

This one is amazingly refreshing, ‘wetter than water’, my husband said.honeydew and cucumber.png

Orange and cinnamon

orange cinnamon.png

Strawberry, mango and cherry

Inspired by the flavours of an Australian Christmas, I used the same fruits we had for our Christmas dinner fruit salad.

strawberry mango.png

There are countless other combinations to try. If I can have a glass of fruit infused water while sitting in a perfectly air conditioned room, than maybe summer isn’t so bad.




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