Favourite Finds – January 2017

One of the reasons I started this blog because I love reading the articles I find on other blogs. Most of the blogs I read relate to Christianity and general living. I thought, then, that I would share a few of the best articles I’ve found this week. These are the ones that made me think, encouraged me, made me laugh.



What to do when you don’t feel like doing anything at all –  Jon Bloom


A challenging read for the new year, reminding me that the better way is often the harder way, but it is still better in the long run. I have something better than my own motivation and will-power to help me get through these less-than-fun things, I have the grace of God.

How to be a moderately successful person – Emer O’Toole

moderately successful.jpg

In balance to the last article, a refreshing reminder that, although the harder way is often the better way, I don’t have to go for perfection. Getting up at a sensible hour, occasionally splurging on sugary food, actually spending time with my loved ones is okay. A few swear words towards the end, though.

Choosing Real –  Manda Carpenter


We’re already a week into 2017, the gloss of the new year is fading. Some things in life are great, some things aren’t but the beauty of it is that God sees it all, and loves us anyway. There’s no need to pretend we have it all together if we don’t – instead, we can choose to be honest and real.

Beware the Instagram Bible –  Jen Wilkins


And finally, this one made me laugh but also makes some very good points. I love pretty Bible verses but there has to be more to my spiritual diet than feel-good affirmations removed from their context. The picture for the article was an extreme example, such a pretty picture for such a nasty verse! A good challenge to make sure the Bible verse pictures I share are always accompanied by solid, truthful commentary.

So, that’s what I’ve been reading this week. I hope these authors can encourage, challenge and amuse you as well.



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