Introducing Bella

For my first post, I thought I’d share a few things about myself.


I’m a Christian

First and foremost, I love God. I believe Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for my sins, and my life now belongs to him. I’m certainly in no position to show you how to live the perfect Christian life – I doubt sometimes, I get lazy with my quiet times, I get annoyed over little things. But I’m amazed at his grace, at how he keeps transforming me little by little. I pray that my life, imperfect as it may be, can be a light in the world, showing the light of Jesus to others.


I’m newly married

I married my husband Daniel in April this year. I thank God every day that I’m married to someone so kind, patient and very attractive, with my silly sense of humour. Our eight months of marriage have been a wonderful adventure so far. We’ve got to know each other more and we’ve created some great memories. There have been difficult times already, but we’ve come through those times stronger. No kids yet, but we’re the loving parents of a feline furbaby called Henry.


My intentions sometimes outweigh my reality

I’m really into the idea of living intentionally, clean eating, homemaking, being frugal and all of those things. It seems sometimes though that my intentions outweigh my ability to carry them out! Sometimes I have really good days where the house is tidy and organised, I’ve whipped up some healthy, homemade treats and I’m feeling as if all is right in my little housewifely world. Other days, I’m more likely to spend the day binge-watching literary webseries and eating chips and chocolate while the sink is full of plates. Again, it’s about grace and gradual transformation.


I’m a winterphile

Winter is beautiful. In Sydney, we don’t get really cold winters. No snow or frost, just grey skies and cool, crisp air. I could quite happily live in a world where this winter lasted all year round, or at least most of the year. Sadly though, it’s rather the opposite. This beautiful winter is elusive, lasting only two months if even that. Summer, on the other hand, lasts usually from November to March. And I’m not talking about gentle sunshine, this is intense, relentless heat that destroys all that is lovely. Okay, I get a little dramatic when talking about summer! I’m determined this year to find some good in it.


I love reading but I’ve become much slower

I’m not sure why, but over the last little while I’ve become a much slower reader. I just don’t seem to read as frequently so it takes me longer to finish something. Maybe that has something to do with being married. Even so, I love reading, particularly novels that are at least 500 pages long. Historical fiction, classic literature, fantasy – I can even do romance as long as it has some substance and intellectual quality.


Why ‘Over the Teacups’?

I discovered the phrase while researching my family history. It was the name of a social column in the Methodist newspaper, the sort of things that would be discussed by friends over a cup of tea. I hope this blog will feature those things that you’d talk about over the teacups – faith, life, books, food, friends, family and medieval English history (maybe that’s just my friends). I also really love tea.


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